We believe every day is a cause for celebration.


The Champagnery is Louisville's first and only bar dedicated to Champagne and sparkling wines. We source fine wines from around the globe and offer food pairings to complement and highlight the bubbly.

Charlotte Stengel, husband Brad Stengel, and nephew Eric Wentworth believe in celebrating life!  They believe that one of the best ways to celebrate the beauty in life is by raising a glass of bubbly with loved ones!  And what a great place to raise that glass, in a beautiful gallery nestled in an iconic building that resides on a vibrant corner in a thriving historic neighborhood!  



The Champagnery is located in a charming, historic building on the corner of Frankfort Avenue and Pope Street. Come and have a glass of bubbly after work, or enjoy the vibrant Clifton area's shopping, dining, and entertainment.



Contact us with any comments, questions, or inquiries about private events and tastings.

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